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What is Paywatch?

An Australian wide web-based debt recovery service providing its users with a simple, effective tool to recover debts quickly and at a fraction of the cost of debt collectors, mercantile firms or other legal services. The early solicitor intervention facilitated by Paywatch enables faster recovery times with no commission charged on recovered debts.

Paywatch Delivers Results

Recover your debts quickly and cost effectively.

Redefining Cash Flow Management

The feature rich, simple to use Paywatch interface makes debt recovery a breeze.


Client controlled at every stage with regular email alerts serving as ongoing reminders about the status of debts.


Fixed fee charges enable accurate cost/benefit analysis of recovering on a bad debt.  Graduated, secure, 24 hours access for management and staff.


Bulk upload functionality allowing for quick transfer of large amounts of debtor data. Detailed transaction log to keep track of debtor interactions, payment arrangements and legal proceedings.


The Ultimate Debt Recovery Tool

While most business owners agree that chasing overdue accounts through the courts is one of the more unenviable tasks of doing business, few realise the importance of concentrating on cash-flow.

Businesses go broke for lack of cash-flow. It’s that simple.

When a business makes critical decisions about anticipated projects, hiring further staff, preparing realistic budgets and planning for potential threats (like the loss of a large client potentially leaving a business bereft of income), the numbers that the bank, your accountant and any other stakeholder wants to know about is the cash budget of what is coming in and going out.

Take the stress, time and worry out of chasing up your overdue debtors – let Paywatch and our experienced debt recovery team look after it for you.

  • Fast, efficient and cost effective debt recovery.
  • No need to outsource your debt collection requirements - bring it in-house with Paywatch.
  • Fixed fee system, with no commission charged on recovered amounts.
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