Paywatch offers a number of service options in order to facilitate client control, cost effectiveness and enable all organisations to select the most suitable option for a range of debt amounts, both large and small.

Once you have input your debtors into Paywatch, simply choose the service which is most appropriate for those debtors, based on your assessment of the relevant facts (i.e. amount of the debt, length of time the debt has been outstanding, any prior attempts made to recover the debt etc). All of the available options do not need to be undertaken (consecutively or otherwise). For example, you may choose to send a Gold Letter of Demand as your first action for a particular debtor.

This optional first step in the debt recovery process is free for Paywatch clients. You can select to have Paywatch generate a reminder letter to print on your letterhead and send out to your debtor/s.

Select for a legal letter of demand (bronze or silver) to be sent out to the debtor on your behalf from Havilah Legal via the Paywatch system. This letter requests payment of the outstanding account within the next 7 days and warns of legal action for non-compliance.


The letter advises the debtor that failure to comply with this request for payment may result in legal action, with the potential for additional charges to be levied to cover interest on the debt and any legal costs associated with bringing a Claim against them. (see Recovery Clauses for further information)

Bronze Letter of Demand

Price: $20 plus GST (for debt amounts less than $350).


Silver Letter of Demand

Price: $30 plus GST (for debt amounts over $350).

Select for a gold legal letter of demand to be sent out to the debtor on your behalf from the Paywatch system, a gold letter (like Bronze and Silver) requests payment of the outstanding account within the next 7 days, but also includes a follow-up visit by a field agent to the debtor's premises.


A gold letter of demand may be selected at any stage for any debt amount. You will be provided with a detailed report by the agent of what took place during the visit to the debtors premises.

Gold Letter of Demand

Price: $65 plus GST (for any debt amount) plus the agent's fee to attend the premises.

Depending on the status and any prior actions you have undertaken via Paywatch in respect to a debt, we will prompt you when required, with a message in Paywatch seeking your instructions on how you would like to proceed the matter. Your options may include the following:

Take no Further Action

It may be that you wish to take no further action in respect to the debt.

Phone Call to the Debtor

Instruct the Paywatch team to telephone the debtor regarding the outstanding account on your behalf (charges and conditions apply);

Upgrade Service Level

Should a bronze or silver letter of demand have elicited no response from the debtor, you may elect to upgrade to gold a letter of demand. This includes a field agent visit to the debtor's premises and will incur an upgrade fee of $50 (plus GST) plus the agent's fee for attending the premises.

Commence Legal Proceedings

Instruct Havilah Legal to begin legal proceedings to recover the outstanding amount. This will usually start with the preparation of a Statement of Claim. (see The Debt Recovery Process for further information)