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Legal Services

Early solicitor involvement facilitated by Paywatch, in the form of legal letters of demand being sent out to debtors from our law firm – Havilah Legal, on your behalf, is a legal service and is also one of the key elements that makes Paywatch such an effective debt recovery tool.

Debtors are much more likely to respond (and quickly) to a letter of demand from a law firm than one you send to your customer/client yourself.

Cost Agreement

The provision of legal services in Australia is highly regulated.  We are required by law to inform all our clients about (among other things) how we are charging you, the cost of the work, the expenses you may be required to pay as well as your rights. This is called disclosure and must be in writing, usually in the form of a Cost Agreement.

In the interest of being transparent in our dealings with all clients, when you become a Paywatch client we require you to print, read and sign a copy of the Paywatch Cost Agreement – (“Agreement”) and return it to us. This Agreement sets out the fixed fee letter of demand costs (as outlined on the Services page of this website) as well as a variety of other disclosure items. For further information on legal costs and your rights please see the Legal Practice Board’s website.

Returning Your Signed Agreement

After you have successfully registered for Paywatch, an email will be sent to your nominated email address containing a copy of this Agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully, print a copy, sign it and return it to us by email, fax or post:

Email: paywatch@havilahlegal.com.au
Fax: 08 9218 8600

Havilah Legal
PO Box 6382
East Perth WA 6892

Activating your Paywatch Account

Once we have received a signed and dated copy of your Agreement, your account will be activated.  You will be notified of your account activation via email.